The Etna hike.


The series deals with the question of how to move on after the collapse of life's meaning and certainties. It is my visual diary that metaphorically depicts the ways I have related to such a situation. Three years ago, death, a breakup, and the loss of my home suddenly invaded my life. Everything that had formed a kind of solid framework in my life at the time collapsed into chaos, into the night. Things that I had enjoyed and found beautiful suddenly became alien, unfamiliar and absurd. I tried to find answers, but they were no longer obtainable. The greatest solace brought me the long walks in the wilderness. In its beauty and extremes, I began to find a special kind of understanding and perspective. My experience no longer felt like some terrible and isolated event, but rather part of something more general. As something natural that happens all over the world at every second. I accepted the chaos and uncertainty as a given that surrounds us as the ever-present possibility of losing meaning.

Ondrej Čechvala

professional photographer
Ondrej Čechvala (born in 1987) is a Slovak freelance photographer based in Brno, the Czech Republic. His career is divided between commercial and personal projects. His personal works focus on people living in rural and isolated areas.