The concert not only celebrated 20 years of Mr. Lasica's cooperation with the Bratislava Hot Serenaders, but was also christened. He was christened the vinyl "Once We Get Down". And Mr. Lasica did not lose anything in his humor even in these moments, and when Mr. Juraj Bartoš, the leader of the orchestra, took the cover off the plate, Milan Lasica stretched it on his head, the audience's reactions did not wait for each other, people laughed and applauded.

The last shots of maestro Milan Lasica from the L + S theater

Prominent artist, actor, humorist and singer Milan Lasica sang his last concert with the Bratislava Hot Serenaders Orchestra in this life on Sunday, July 18. He celebrated 20 years of collaboration with the orchestra and the performance was also the baptism of the album Once Upon a Time. Many fans were looking forward to the concert, but many could not get to the performance due to covide measures. The orchestra's performance graduated during the concert, the audience was enthusiastic and Mr. Lasica's performance was at a high level. At the same time, he traditionally and humorously moderated and commented on it. He was obviously enjoying the concert. The message resonated the most, I quote: "I am vaccinated and it has no side effects." The last song was "I'm an optimist." He grew up very well to the end. During the standing ovation, the little girl brought flowers to the stage, but then dropped out. At first glance, it looked as if it had just fallen to the ground. They started to revive him immediately, the rescuers then tried for 20 minutes, but he could not be revived. Mr. Lasica has left a huge mark on our culture. He probably wouldn't even plan such an end in his dream. The photographs were used by almost all media in Slovakia and many media in the Czech Republic

Rudolf Baranovič

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