Night Maps

Night maps is a photographic record of temporary installations of smoke, geometric objects, and light sources, with which the author operates to complete the atmosphere of the settlement landscape. It focuses on the symbiosis among installations and space. She examines her attachment to the urban setting through the city symbolism in the time of coronavirus isolation. It is a subjective project which uses the author's personality as an investigative tool. Based on real places and events, it captures the moments when our everyday reality and subconscious world collide. Night maps explore the sometimes delicate line between truth and fantasy.

Vanda Mesiariková

professional photographer
Vanda Mesiariková comes from and lives in Prievidza. She is actively involved in photography since 2009. She graduated from a course at the Academy of Creative Photography in Bratislava, where she later worked as a lecturer. She gained further knowledge during her studies at the Photogenia Institute of fine and advertising photography in Brno. Within her free creation, she is interested in space and life on the periphery and the question of identity. She has exhibited individually and in groups, and she is the holder of the Slovak Press Photo 2019 award in category Nature and environment.