Sister Katka: It's an incredible joy Katarína Strošková, a 40-year-old nurse from the Agel hospital in Levice, has been the leader of the mobile vaccination team since January. In addition to vaccinating hundreds of registered applicants coming to the hospital, he travels daily to dozens of residents of social services facilities in the region. We have only 26 such vaccination "teams" in Slovakia, although there are 55,000 clients of social facilities. Along with the lack of vaccine, their low number is one of the reasons for the slow vaccination of the elderly. In addition to daily vaccination, she is the head nurse of the pediatric and neonatology department. A year and a half ago, she hung the work of a teacher at the Secondary Medical School in Nitra. "I enjoy and fulfill this job, it's been my dream since I was a child," she says with a smile as she led us to the first floor of the pink maternity hospital building in an empty vaccination room. So far, they have only been vaccinated by Pfizer and Astra Zeneca, they have not yet received Modern. They started vaccinating at the Levice hospital on January 7, 300 to 500 people pass through their hands every day. How do seniors and teachers come to it? "Especially old people are incredibly happy and show satisfaction. And the substitutes thank us several times. We call them in the afternoon according to how we have the remaining doses left, "he reacts with a wide smile. They usually reach five to ten alternates a day, some on none. They regularly receive fewer vaccines than they order. People like her today are the most important first line in the fight against a pandemic.

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