The soil is hard to break. Re-settling is hard work, especially if done with manpower and horses. László Máté a leader of the community works on harrowing the land.

In front of God

The community of Visnyeszéplak was originally formed by a group of middle class and intellectual persons, who knew each other from a folk-dance house. These clubs were quite popular among those who had strong connection with traditional roots. During the 90's some of them decided to search for an abandoned palace to get away from modern society's influence which they believe to be very harmful.

Márton Kállai

professional photographer, Szabad Föld
Marton Kallai (1982) is a documentary photographer living in Budapest, Hungary. After graduation he studied photography and sociology in the "ELTE" University Budapest. He has been working as a photographer since 2006. He focuses on documentary photo essays with a special interest in nature and environment.