Mezokosmické vedrá v rámci terénneho experimentu zisťujú vplyv vĺn horúčav na vodné ekosystémy. Tento program je súčasťouMesocosm buckets on a field experiment detect the effect of heat waves on water ecosystems. This program is part of a worldwide study and hosts young volunteer scientists from all over the world.celosvetovej štúdie a zúčastňujú sa na ňom mladí dobrovoľní vedci z celého sveta.

Understanding climate change

The series follows the daily work of environmental scientists and ecologist who's research and experiment helps understanding the climate change. The pictures were taken during the actual measurements and researches.

Márton Kállai

professional photographer, Szabad Föld
Marton Kallai (1982) is a documentary photographer living in Budapest, Hungary. After graduation he studied photography and sociology in the "ELTE" University Budapest. He has been working as a photographer since 2006. He focuses on documentary photo essays with a special interest in nature and environment.