Thousands of days of work, etched into the whole body. I gave no instructions to the object in the photograph


Parents become a theme that emerges at a certain time in life and continues to stay with us. My relationship with my father was very turbulent through my teenage years and I would say not always ideal. The medium of photography brings with itself (for me) the quality of looking at things in hindsight with a different perspective. In my case, I use this perspective to recreate a relationship.

Andrej Dlabáč

free photographer
He was born in the region of Kysuce (Slovakia), which shaped him both as a person and a creator. After high school, he was doing post-secondary studies at art college in Košice. After he was accepted to the Film and Television Faculty in Bratislava, he started his studies in the studio of camerawork. At the moment, besides filmmaking, he is still doing photography, which is mostly documentary in nature.