A participant in the meetings presents his vehicle, village Borek, Czech Republic.

The second life of machines. Meetings of homemade agricultural vehicles in the Czech Republic

A tractor has anthropomorphic characteristics: it is a large, moving object that we can control and benefit from, it needs food to operate, it produces waste and forces the person who owns it to take care of it. It ages visibly and is sometimes the breadwinner. When its usefulness diminishes, it can be an organ donor for older or newly constructed vehicles serving similar or other purposes.

Mariusz Forecki

free photographer
Mariusz Forecki (1962) a documentalist and author of books. For many years, he has been photographing a human entwined in socio-political processes. A graduate of the Institute of Creative Photography at the Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic, and co-founder of PIX.HOUSE Foundation.