In addition to schoolchildren, interest in knowledge can also be seen in their younger siblings. Many adults in the settlement are aware of the necessity of at least basic education for the future of their children.

Angi Mlyn (Angi mill)

Angi Mlyn, a Roma settlement in Michalovce, has largely changed its owner. The town decided to solve the problem with the non-payers by selling off the buildings in which they live. A new owner bought them and their inhabitants, which caused outrage in Slovakia. In the past, the authorities have tried to resolve disagreements with a segregation wall between the settlement and the city. Ignoring the Roma issue in Slovakia often leads to non-European solutions.

Matej Kalina

professional photographer, News and Media Holding
Matej Kalina is working for News and Media Holding, whose photos are published by Plus 7 Dní, Život, Trend, Plus 1 Deň, Šarm, Zdravie, Dobré jedlo and others. He gravitates towards a social documentary, where, according to his own words, he tries to record an undistorted reality to create a space for the viewer to have his own opinion. He won several Slovak and Czech Press Photo awards.