Pasienky Stadium sports complex.

The City in Motion

The regular and dynamic transformations of the city of Bratislava and its "uncontrolled" chaos became the basis of my long-term photographic interest. I perceive my photographic work as a guide to Bratislava, where I try to show the dominant and superior structural details of the space around me using visual components, that make up the urban space itself. Bratislava is a multi-purpose and multi-layered place, where spaces and spaces designed for professional or recreational sports are very atypical. Here, as part of the investigation of these parts of the spaces intended for sports, one gets lost in their monumentality and moves arbitrarily in a chaotic direction. By focusing on the diverse spaces and buildings for sports in Bratislava, I can provide a visual report of the relationship of both the city and individual institutions to this issue, but at the same time I can also reveal the relationship of citizens to sports. With the help of my visual perception, the photo should transport the viewer into the atmosphere of specific sports spaces as part of their transformations, reconstruction, but also into the atmosphere of faded glory waiting for new opportunities. I want to be an observing photographer, not to criticize, but to follow the events and the mutual relationship of the city and the individual to the sports facilities.

Barbora Szabová

student, Vysoká škola výtvarných umení v Bratislave
I am 22 years old and photography is part of my life. I have been studying it for seven years now, because before I started at the academy, I went to the Josef Vydra High School of Art Industry in Bratislava (ŠUP) and I am currently in my 3rd year at university.