Mohammad, a young Bedouin from the Jahalin tribe, living in a small settlement near the Maqam Nabi Musa mosque, whom I met 3 years ago in the same place with a herd of goats.

Born of Sand and Sun

Year 1948, the beginning of Nakba. Palestinians are forced to leave their homes and take refuge in the detention camps. The same fate befell the desert nation of Bedouins, who, however, failed to break the strong bond with the heart of the culture that is a part of them - the desert they have never left before. The number of Bedouin people inhabiting their original territories is shrinking and gradually losing their identity. Devoted to their country and willing to lay down their life to save another. Share the last piece of bread or water... Born of sand and sun is kind of a visual metaphor for the gradual fulfillment of Ben Gurion´s dream of „flourishing the desert“, with which will forever evaporate the myths of a brave desert nation of Bedouins. All that is left after them will be fragments covered with sand, which in time will turn into sand themselves .

Petra Bašňáková

student, Univerzita Tomáše Bati v Zlíne
Graduate of a Bachelor´s degree in Photography at the Tomáš Bata University in Zlín, where she is currently continuing her Master´s degree. In her projects, she works with the question of the human nature in society.