Everything that is beautiful in a person is invisible to the eyes.

Ecstasy (from series)

A moment of capturing the poetic clash of youth and "worry" in a woman´s world, when time, place or other elements continue in an imaginary interaction... The theme of women in many colors and forms. The selected series of photographs was created during the creative "search" for visuals for the ballet production of Ecstasy/images about it, choreographed by Andrej Petrovič to the music of "Slnka" by Vladislav Šarišský.

Jozef Marčinský

professional photographer, Štátne divadlo Košice
It is a very difficult to date Jozef Marčinský´s photographic career. The first touch with the light-capturing apparatus were in his early childhood, when his father “recorded” a family saga on his old Zenit camera. Then came the mysterious adolescent embraces which were a captivating adventure straight out of Verne´s books. Since 2004, after sher confidence of his boss, he began photographing professionally “on the boards that mean the world”. DNA analysis clearly reveals theatrical genetics, influenced by the film industry and beauty or ugliness of art. With the ending career of a professional costume presenter in various movements, rhythms and lights, accompanied by music, his own authorial ideas get into the imagination from his soul as a Ripley‘s enemies. Thank God for everyone…