START! (water 16°C, water level 4m)


„The Trans Danube Swim came to its existence as an idea to introduce the people of Bratislava to a different view of the Danube. The Danube is not an ugly river, because of which we stand in traffic jams on bridges. On the contrary, it is one of the most beautiful things that Bratislava has to offer. The longest river in the EU. A powerful element that neither Paris nor Rome has. "Text:". The photo of crossing the Danube was taken on September 5, 2021 somewhat by accident. I was also planning to swim across the river, but at the last minute I decided that photographing this unique sport event will be a bigger challenge for me... (START! (water 16°C, water level 4m)

Ľuboš Dubovský

free photographer
Ľuboš Dubovský is a freelance photographer. He has been engaged in portrait and documentary photography for a long time. His main theme is the community of people who are dedicated to the culture of sheep herders. He photographs producers of pastoral musical instruments, performers, breeders, and shepherds of sheep. He travels all around Slovakia to capture his photographs.