High school graduates during the war

High school graduates dance in front of Hotel Ukraine in Chernihiv for a commemorative video they are preparing instead of a graduation party. The Russian invasion robbed them of their childhood, friends, party and summer. In Chernihiv, only a fraction of functional schools remained after the shelling, and only a part of the students in them. Many fled abroad before the war.

Michal Burza

free photographer
He has been working in the field of news and documentary photography since 2005. He has worked for various media and NGOs. His photos were published on the covers of media such as Der Spiegel and The Wall Street Journal. He is the holder of various awards, including the Gran Prix Slovak Press Photo. He photographed the crisis in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine. He began documenting Ukraine during the Maidan revolution in 2014. He documented the occupation of Crimea and eastern Ukraine. During the Covid-19 pandemic, he documented the red zone in hospitals in Slovakia.