The Sanctuary (taken from series)

The heavy rain and the rising sun happening at the same time. The ocean in the distance and the rough Icelandic horses in the foreground. From the view of farm ´s window. Iceland - A´lfho´lar farm. 13.1.2020. The Icelanders believed that their homeland was full of supernatural beings. Every hill, stone, bay, field, or swamp was inhabited by elves, dwarves, earthly spirits... This faith has never completely disappeared, and the nature remained shrouded in myth. Many old rituals are still alive especially among farmers living in their remote farms. For farmers, the land is more than a piece of ground designated for human consumption. Nature is a mystery that one can never fully grasp and control. In the extreme natural conditions, one can only learn how to coexist. With nature, and with people. Man alone means nothing. The closeness is above all.

Ondrej Čechvala

freelance photographer